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About Us in Carlton at Carlton Curry House - Carlton Curry House

Harpreet kaur is a proud to be running restaurant in Australia. She has lived and worked in Melbourne for over 5 years. She loves Melbourne, and particularly loves the Melbourne Food Scene.

"Its exciting! People in Melbourne are fascinated by new foods, quality foods and good taste", she enthuses.

Born in India, Harpreet graduated in Science before joining the hospitality profession in India In Australia her wonderful enthusiasm and capacity for hard work has seen her now set up a first successful restaurant featuring Authentic Indian Cuisine.

She has a devoted personal following.

She knows what its like to start from scratch, and has been always ready to help her friends, acquaintances and staff in the difficult job of getting started in a new country. Not only newcomers either.

She is active and unselfish in helping old Australians in need of company, comfort and help to get on when obstacles arise.

So she brings to the CARLTON CURRY HOUSE an immense enthusiasm and capacity to serve others.

She loves golf, "It's my dream come true" and is learning to play the piano.

In her spare time she runs a small company to help overseas students who want to further their studies. 'Education is the key to a more satisfying life', she says serious for a moment,
"it gives one the courage to think outside the square, to be bold and optimistic".